THE Urban Athletic Club Glover Park STORY

Graham King owner of Urban Athletic Club Glover Park

Graham King - OWNER

In the Fall of 2000, Graham King found himself at a crossroads: his corporate sales job was going nowhere, and he had just enough credits for half a bachelor’s degree. The only place that he found solace was at the gym. At an age where most people are making career advances, he decided to start over. Graham quit his job, sold everything with a recurring bill, and decided to finish his degree in business. Then went to his local gym and asked for a job. “I’ll take anything you got,” he said. At the gym, Graham had befriended the head trainer, an old-school weight lifter named Carmine, who looked like he could have been Rocky’s trainer.

Carmine had seen Graham train and saw potential, so he offered him a job as floor trainer, which meant putting away weights, assisting personal trainers, and helping members. At the same time, Carmine helped Graham enroll in a personal training course. Once Graham finished the training course, it was full steam ahead: in a few months, Graham had a complete client list, and he was promoted to the club’s assistant manager. Over the next several years, Graham graduated from college, started a fitness business, a food delivery company, and a non-profit. He also got elected to his neighborhood advisory committee. From 2003 to 2013, Graham took on business partners and grew the fitness business, expanding from one location in the back of a Church to three locations around DC. In April 2013, Urban Athletic Club was born. Graham decided to pursue a new path over frustrations with the direction of his fitness business and a disagreement with his business partners. A client of his had just purchased the Savoy Suites Hotel in Glover Park and asked Graham to open a neighborhood gym within the hotel. Graham reimagined the hotel gym as a neighborhood spot featuring a “real gym” with barbells, sleds, and kettlebells along with friendly faces and intense training. From 2013 to 2016, Urban Athletic Club would expand its offering and locations in Glover Park.

OUR coaches

Larry Currence coach at Urban Athletic Club Glover Park

Larry Currence


Larry has maintained an athletic lifestyle that began in high school. He was a member of the varsity swim team competing in breaststroke and springboard diving. After swimming, Larry's training transitioned to cycling and triathlon training. During that period, he focused on long-distance cycling completing four centuries (100 mi) and a triathlon. Later, Larry's focus shifted to resistance training and bodybuilding and currently continues with a more well-rounded approach.

As an ACE certified personal trainer since 2009, Larry has accrued many hours of continued education. Although metrics is a measurement of goal achievement, he believes the overall emotional experience is equally vital to one’s well-being.

Larry’s areas of experience include; resistance training, functional training, myofascial release techniques, metabolic resistance training and swim instruction.

Outside of training Larry has had a career as an architectural visualization specialist and artist. His interest for the creative process has continued with sculpting.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

USAW Level 1 – Olympic Lifting

Level 1 – Kettlebell

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